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Marketing & Advertising

At Hydropool, we believe that having a solid marketing strategy is where it all starts. With our over 40 years of experience, we can help you create the ultimate retail strategy plan.

Superior Digital Presence
Lead Generation Program
Dealer Assisted Sales Program
Factory Sale Event Sale Program

Hydropool Retailer Advantage Formula: Marketing & Advertising


Superior Digital Strategy

At Hydropool, we believe that having a solid marketing strategy is where it all starts. With our over 40 years of experience, we can help you create the ultimate retail strategy plan.
Hydropool Superior Digital Strategy - Hydropool Advantage

Digital Strategy

Generating and managing qualified prospects is critical to the success of Hydropool and our Retail Partners. There are 3 pillars of our digital strategy.

Hydropool Digital Marketing Strategy

Strategy #1: Demand Generation

We delivered over 100,000 leads to our retailer network every year. Hyropool’s lead strategy is made up of 4 parts…. 

1. Leading Edge Corporate Web Site (Inbound Marketing Focus)
2. Retailer Web Site Initiative
3. Worldwide Hydropool Social Media Delivery Platform (Promoboxx)
4. Paid Leads
5. Factory Sale Digital Support

Strategy #2: Optimized Sales Funnel

1. Hydropool CRM that delivers leads directly to retailers by email and populates in the free Hydropool CRM system
2. Retailer CRM Partnership
3. Dealer Assisted Sales Program
4. Lead Nurture Email and Video Follow Up

Strategy #3 – Superior Retailer Support

1. Retailer On-Boarding Support – DAS 
2. Interactive easy to use retailer portal
l Inventory Online l Financial Portal l Warranty Claims On-Line
3. Retailer Digital Formula
l Quote Tools l Augmented Reality Tool l Web Site l Virtual Showroom
4. Retailer Digital Scoreboard Evaluation
l Web Site l Social l Lead Follow Up


New Hydropool Promoboxx Program

This program brings Brand Approved social media and marketing assets to Aligned Hydropool Retailers and delivers content to informed consumers empowering them with knowledge to buy the right product. Here’s how… Promoboxx is a digital Marketing platform that allow your business to easily promote Hydropool marketing content via social media, email, website banners, landing pages and more. Not only is this platform free and sponsored by Hydropool, but all marketing content is co-branded and customizable for your business. 

The Benefits to you the Hydropool Retailer is...

A. Access to exclusive Hydropool approved social media & marketing materials
B. Content that drives local awareness, in-store foot traffic, and sales
C. Easy to use – retailers download assets or share to digital channels in seconds
D. Time-saving features like automation and share scheduling
E. Attract new customers to their store with geo-targeted local ads
F. Track consumer engagements on social posts with reporting


Exclusive Hydropool Hot Tubs E1650474653402 - Hydropool Advantage

Event Sales

We believe in event sales and we also believe in helping our retailers to be successful at events. Our program is very simple and is based on a historical successful formula. The retailer must commit to purchasing a minimum of six hot tubs and one swim spa for each event. Hydropool will provide an extra four hot tubs for the retailer’s event. The Event Pavilion is provided to on a first come first serve basis. This inflatable pavilion is 50’ in diameter and 25’ tall. It provides a giant attention getter that is the corner stone of any successful truckload sales event.
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The Hydropool Media Kit Advantage

Most retailers do not have the time or experience to execute a proper Media Campaign or a Google AdWords campaign for their sale events. Hydropool takes the worry out of the digital media needs with a combination of retailer unique event site and social media presence.

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